Lush breaks, with hints of UK hardcore and classic bleep house inhabit this wonderful EP.

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The EP kicks of with the track ‘Animal Samba’, a housey track with memories of 808 State, UR and Reese springing to mind. A2 is called ‘Junglitter’ and with a tempo so low, the track is perfect for slow raving; this is Goldie abusing the hand break. Breaks are at its heaviest on the first track of the flipside: ‘Musiphon’ keeps rolling on a brilliant formula of a dominant bass line rolling at mid tempo while an LFO-esque melodie fights for a second position. The last one ‘Vedelius’ -like the artist- a four/four track accompanied with breaks with the quirky melody in the bass and nightmarish screams taking over. This is possibly the track most suitable for the dance floor, not a cozy one though. These are the best hardcore breaks since, Zomby’s “Where were you in ’92”, get them while they’re shit hot!

A1 Animal Samba
A2 Junglitter
B1 Musiphon
B2 Vedelius

Artwork by Daan Haendehoch

“Last year I visited the beautiful Koh Surin islands National Park, inhabited by the Moken sea gypsies. I was really impressed by the various totems scattered around the islands. I used the pictures I made of them in a record sleeve design for 030303 records. This year I went back there and managed to track down the painter of the totems I used on the backside of the cover. We had some interesting talks, despite the language difficulties (the Moken have their own language).

He is 78 years old and gave me an insight in their way of life, mostly in the past. He showed me around some special places and I was really happy I did this when I saw him going back to the isolated Moken settlement on the longtailboat at the end of the day. He was holding the record very firmly and proudly.”

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