Human Touch

Rolando Simmons

Human Touch is an allround, 12 track treat for every braindance fan on the planet. Big tip!

2 × 12″ vinyl



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It was about time for a full album to be released by one of our favourite 030303 artists, the great Rolando Simmons, who’s already fed us some amazing eerie and psychedelic bouncy electronic funk, both self released and on 030303. This record travels deep into the melancholic mind of the producer, on a wide variety of levels.

A1. Natron
A2. Dew
A3. Me+Doc Drunk In The Lair

B1. Human Touch (Original)
B2. Starclapper
B3. Uploaded For Friend

C1. Hydrogen Line
C2. Frozen Lemonade
C3. Langelo

D1.Star Field
D2. Hidden Groves
D3. Smiley Face

Opening track Natron gets you right away with an unusual mix of comforting and uneasy atmospheric acid-electro. Dew then, is so touching it hurts – in a classic IDM way that is, with plenty of meandering melodies falling over each other; nothing short of epic this one. Hydrogen Line shows yet another very different side of Simmons, one where fierce, dark and heavy Drexciyan techno/electro vibes reign over your speakers.

The heaviest raver on the record is probably Langelo, with the listener being slapped around by sharp, heavy bass wobbles and hard hitting snares, not one for the office! Lastly, closing track Smiley Face is likely to make you grin in a cross eyed kind of way with its intense, synth-heavy and mind bending vibes.