Split 7″

Binarizer / Splitradix

030303 back once again with a split 7 inch containing two braindance tunes to your liking.

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First one to play is an uptempo acid track by the Dutch gearfreak Binarizer. “Ik Zag Je Dansen”, which means “I Saw You Dancing” is a Cylobian vocoder song with Dutch vocals. The track is reminiscent of the good old Rephlex days. But it could be featured on the next issue of “Hollandse Hits” too!

Second track “Cross Connection” by Splitradix starts of with a catchy 303 melody. The added beat and warm bass line will bring you further down in the direction of melancholic avenue. This is a true journey full of fun. Feel good acid!

Watch the video clip of Ik Zag Je Dansen