Electronic music & party freaks

What started with a small acid party in 2005 in a vaulted cellar in Utrecht, has now become a mature record label dedicated to the sound of acid. Trough the years 030303 has given a large number of parties with an international array of artists. With all these artists in reach 030303 started to release Various Artists EP’s on Marguerita Recordings and since 2009 on their own 030303 Records. The common thread is the distinctive acid sound from the famous Roland TB-303 synthesizer. This is not dogmatic. Just as long as the sound departs from here to leave for a distant space travel its suitable.


The 030303 crew consists of five heads and a number of key figures. Although the roles are divided, there is close cooperation. Music wise we are in alignment. One is slightly more Chicago, the other a little more electronic. Feel free to contract us.