Various II

Various artists

The second comp on Holland’s 030303 shows the beauty, depth and variety of the Roland TB-303 more than ever in the history of the label.

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Moving away from IDM and braindance this time, all that’s presented to you is gorgeous dancefloor mayhem with great personality. Contributions by Elec Pt.1, Jonny 3 Snares, Automatic Tasty, Cosmic Force, 101 Force and Dexter all have a classic yet leftfield feel to it. About half of the 10 tracks diverge a little from this excellent recipe.

Roy of the Ravers’ track ‘Acid Hors d’Oevre’ stands out for it melodic raving ecstacy; the track may well be the main hit of the Bangface-style rave community this year. Further down the line, Mirage’s ‘Kid Machine’ brings impressive synth-wave-disco madness on a distinctive 80s tip – this one is for fans of Legowelt. Then Jared Wilson’s cut – amazingly – brings us back to the time we first heard Choice’s ‘Acid Eiffel’: classic stuff that will never bore the ones who feel it. Another BIG one is for Drvg Cvltvre who delivers some down-to-midtempo sickness, distantly reminiscing of 33 1/3’s ‘Searchin”, but then on acid.

2 x 12″ vinyl album

A1. Kid Machine – Mirage
A2. Dexter – Faderpusher
A3. Cosmic Force – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
B1. Drvg Cvltvre – My Neck Of The Woods
B2. Jonny3snares – A Seed
B3. Roy of the Ravers – Acid Hors d’Oeuvre

C1. Automatic Tasty – Genesis Recurring (Vocals by Joe Dillon)
C2. 101 Force – To The Box (Featuring Becky)
D1. Jared Wilson – Morning Acid
D2. Elec Pt.1 – This Is Not A Test