Plastic Orchestra

Global Goon

With this 2 x 12″ vinyl album, Goon takes you away, like a spaced out Aboriginal dude is blowing on his didgeridoo in front of his cave and says “join me, and dance to the music in the fields and valleys below”.

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Add some bass, some funky keyboards, and experience the strong nature sensation of Plastic Orchestra, which sounds like an oozing sun in a faraway galaxy, dripping into a garden of lush pink flowers and smooth green grass. There you can lay down and listen to ‘Human flute’, or get up and dance like an epileptic to ‘Battle of the Drohnkens’. Be sure to wear some shades: the light shining from Plastic Orchestra is so strong it’s blinding…

2 x 12″ vinyl album

01 Dance Seven
02 G.O.L.D
03 Morphon Diezepad
04 Cleaning Buttress
05 Human Flute
06 End Game
07 Battle of the Drohnkens
08 Twanga
09 Burst Guitar
10 Mon Kraato
11 Infinite Blossom
12 Modern Fire

Bleep review
Blissed-out digital sensations from this early Rephlex artist Global Goon and their galaxy-crossing latest album, ‘Plastic Orchestra’ for the 030303 imprint. With some bass, some funky keyboards and lashings of idiosyncratic humour and light, Global Goon create an unforgettable trip. Bleep

Boomkat review
Nutty, pastoral electronica and psychedelic perambulations from Global Goon. At its best, it summons nothing so much as the twee kosmische of Belbury Poly and Advisory Circle, but also the technicolour video game fantasias of Wax Stag, and even the sunnier moments of Richard D. James and Squarepusher in the late 90s. From the courtly harpsichord jig of opener ‘Dance Seven’, through the pellucid electro minimalism of ‘G.O.L.D.’, onto the occult TV theme imaginings of ‘End Game’, this is a defiantly odd and highly accomplished album, perhaps lacking the sinister edge that gives the best hauntological gear longevity and bite, but making up for it in washed-out, utopian techno drift. Boomkat