Galaxy Gust


Holland’s FAH aka Robin de Bekker enters the scene with this heavy, braindance inspired five tracker.

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Opener Fine Space is spooky and upbeat with false melodies fighting the track’s ground level acid bubbles. The second track, Bonus Orbits, starts off as a fast electronic harpsichord cut for a smart dance floor before turning into a hectic swamp of challenging harmonies. Next one up is Sixears: a shorter track holding the middle ground between a moody Elecktroids tune and hectic, Vibert-like acid.

The EP’s title track and centerpiece then, is characterized by rewinds, whistles, haunting melodies and a total lack of repetition; it’s a 9 minute long excursion into the most unreal part of Bekker’s mind. FAH finally says goodbye with an eerie cut that sounds like a humming predator with no food to eat. FAH’s first one for 030303 comes with appropriate, occultist artwork.

A1 Fine Space 4:19
A2 Bonus Orbits 4:47
A3 Sixears 4:00
B1 Galaxy Gust 9:00
B2 Sad Acid 2:56

Boomkat review
Aphexian Acid smarties from Ibron ed Krebek aka Fah for the expertly-curated 030303 series. Hailing from Breda, Netherlands, Fah has nailed the art elaborate Acid in many diverse strains, from the emotive Analord-esque Techno of ‘Fine Space’ and the accomplished, epic arrangement of ‘Galaxy Gust’ to the uptempo finesse of ‘Bonus Orbits’, via Elektroids-style Electro on ‘Sixears’ and the funereal slow jam ‘Sad Acid’.