This EP on 030303 is like a giant zeppelin. On the crossroads of electronics, twisted electro and classic UK techno, this is stuff that makes you want to, well…fly away and look down upon the dancefloor.

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EOD resides in Trondheim, Norway and we can see this fits into a landscape sparsely lit by the magical northern lights. A big six tracker for those who crave big portions of deep space!

A1. Utrecht
A2. Phontron (030303 Mix)
A3. You’re Right
B1. Flab
B2. Came, Went
B3. On A Herald Go

Boomkat review:
EOD gives six tracks of classically informed IDM electro for the 030303 label. All ears are on the outstanding title track, a Rephlexian twist on Detroit electro standards, while ‘On A herald Go’ sounds a lot like Bochum Welt and ‘Phontron’ finds a very tidy groove of 808 patterns and twinkling neon synth melodies. A choice pick for lovers of nostalgic electronica.