Cradle And Go!


The D’Arcangelo brothers somehow forgot about the downtempo side of things for this EP on the warm and freaky 030303 imprint.

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Unlike on their releases for Rephlex we hear mid- and highspeed Chicago influenced stuff that’s a big treat for fans of Gescom, Stinkworx and AFX (some stuff brings back memories of his Helston Flora mix of Baby Fords ‘Normal’).

Mind you, there’s still a distinctive D’Arcangelo sound to all of this jackin’. What are all those false and sleepy melodies for? To confuse us? What a mindfuck this psychedelic minialbum is!

A1 Walking Largo (5:50)
A2 Mad Carillon (5:26)
A3 A Rib Of Iz (4:06)

B1 Decal Argo (6:09)
B2 Beta 9 (4:54)
B3 Etes (4:26)