The unstoppable Phax machine

Ceephax Acid Crew

Never a dull moment with 030303’s favourite party goon Ceephax! The Unstoppable Phax Machine is in many ways characteristic of the wonderful world of Ceephax Acid Crew.

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Ecstatic and moody at once, ‘South Bank’ is a piece of rough, bouncing electronic beauty that’ll make you feel like you’re a slave to the rhythm like in the old days, only better! Come down with ‘Testing Ground’ – a peaceful synth-jam – after which Jenkinson gets you in the piano-breakbeat mood with ‘Nigel Ringtone’; you’d be forgiven to think it’s a co-production with A Guy Called Gerald.

‘Refresher’ opens the flipside to remind us of Ceephax’s love for ghetto-bass. His version of the dirty genre is brought to life with melodies that seem to flow out of a local pub in Drexciya’s Bubble Metropolis. With the final track, Ceephax drops us back into the future with ‘Russia’ a Krafwerkian dancefloor killer. What a way to go… Drop everything else for one of the strongest Ceephax releases to date!

A1 South Bank
A2 Testing Ground
A3 Nigel Ringtone

B1 Refresher
B2 Russia
B3 Woof Acid